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Is your substance use creating problems in your life or are you worried that it will? Have you been having fights with your spouse or children? Are you handling stress and other emotions in negative ways? Are you looking for a different approach to get help? Using animals and harm reduction is a unique way to approach problems and takes the pressure off of you. 


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Inner Phoenix

If you want to learn more about mental health and how it affects different aspects of your life in the privacy of your own home, then listen in to the Inner Phoenix, a podcast that discussed many of the issues that affect military families such as deployment, trauma, and surviving your first year. You can find it on your favorite podcast player!



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Animals have been my passion for as long as I remember, and now I have a chance to combine that passion with my drive to help people. Animals are unique assets that can be used in counseling, especially working with people who have experienced trauma.


I've specialized in therapeutic animal interventions including service and emotional support animals. These animals can provide a variety of benefits from making therapy more enjoyable, to reducing stress and helping people get centered and balanced. Part of this is achieved through my book, Animals that Heal, and other services.


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Horses give us the wings we lack

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