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The Role of Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in Mental Health Treatment

  • Are you confused with the difference between service dogs (SD), emotional support animals (ESA), and therapy animals (TA)?

  • Do you want to know how to know how to decide between an ESA or Psychiatric SD for yourself or your client?

  • Do you know what your legal rights are as a handler?

  • Are you curious about the training that is required for these animals?​​​

This information and more is covered in the book.

The All-In- One Guide to Psychiatric Service and Emotional Support Animals

In this comprehensive book, author and service dog handler Stephanie Taylor, M. S., helps you begin your own service dog journey with the resource she wishes she’d had when she started down this road.


Psychiatric support dogs and emotional support animals have a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve yet much of the conversation on these animals is dominated by opinion and misinformation is prevalent.


This handbook changes everything.


Outlining the benefits of how service and support animals can help those with debilitating mental illness lead fuller lives, Taylor provides everything you need to know about animals that heal, including how to

  • understand the history, psychology, and laws involved

  • speak to a mental health professional about adding a service dog to your care plan

  • determine which kind of service animal is right for you

  • operate more freely in the world with a service dog at your side

  • and tackle common problems


If your mental illness is severe enough to be considered a disability, getting a service dog or emotional support animal may be the next step toward healing. Take it today.


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For mental health professionals that use want to use animals in their treatment plans, the book Animals that Heal is the only book on the market that addresses Service and Emotional Support Animals in a therapeutic manner from a professional and handler viewpoint.

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Stephanie’s knowledge on service animals is top-notch. She has great experience in the field and communicating with clients on different training techniques and how to care for their service animals. I recommend Stephanie to anybody who needs any type of advice when it comes to working with their service animal.

Gari F. Valdez

Stephanie L Taylor - Butterflies of Wisdom

Listen to this episode of Butterflies of Wisdom where Win interviews Stephanie about SD and ESAs and how they can benefit people with disabilities.

Service Animals

Service animals are highly-trained dogs or miniature horses that are task-trained to help a handler with their disability. They are allowed almost anywhere that they handler is allowed to go.


Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are any animal that's presence gives its owner emotional comfort. There are no training requirements for them except for being well-mannered and house-broken when flying. They only have access to housing, airplanes, and pet-friendly stores. 


There is no legally required certificate or registration for

Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals.


Therapy Animals

Therapy animals are trained animals that are usually certified by an organization that provides therapeutic benefit to multiple people. They are only allowed in facilities that have approved them to work and in pet-friendly stores.

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