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IP006: All About Trauma with Jeremy Elledge

In today's episode, Stephanie L. Taylor interviews Jeremy Elledge LCSW, a trauma specialist who has completed over 3,000 trauma assessment and has 16 years in the mental health care field.

They discuss the difference between trauma, complex trauma, and secondary trauma. Looking at trauma from a scientific and physical point of view, they look at how trauma shapes our brains and other parts of our limbic system. Stephanie and Jeremy discuss how trauma can happen to anyone, not just the so-called, "weak ones" and what symptoms to look for in yourself and the ones you care about. They even look at how unrealistic responsibility can cause trauma symptoms such as "I should have known..." or "If only I had done...". Once you've identified trauma symptoms then you'll learn about what you can do to get help. Jeremy also talks about how children show trauma symptoms and how to help them process their feelings.



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